Singles Events in Melbourne

Speed Dating Melbourne

Speed dating is the way!


Our singles events are hosted in various parts of Melbourne, Australia and you can find single Melbournians there. It's easy - just show up with your date at any one these locations: From Brunswick, through Richmond all over town (including CBD) till we hit South Eastern Suburbs including West Side district near Luna Park; North side - so don't be shy about walking around looking cute while waiting for someone who might make sense as potential life partner material...

The idea is that you'll meet someone new and interesting every five minutes!


We don't want to tax anyone's social skills, so we make it easy for our singles community members by providing the perfect environment. It will only take about 5 minutes of your time - just long enough for a quick drink or chat with another person in attendance before rotating back into meeting more potential partners.

The rules are simple: when both parties tick yes on each others dating card, that's a match and you'll receive their number the next day via email. 

There's no better way to meet single people in Melbourne than at our exclusive singles events! From the LGBT Gay & Lesbian speed dating scene,  it really does not matter if one prefers wine tastings or our famous trivia nights with casual conversation. 

If it's online dating who want to meet up with speed dating for 20's over 30, 40, 50 & 60s, our site is perfect - no matter what age range or culture preference there may be-we've got them covered here at Melbourne Meetups Australia! is a great place to go on the hunt for your next relationship, but if you're looking past them we also offer inclusive singles events in Melbourne that cater specifically towards all lifestyles and cultures.